Company Policy


OMIC holds an impartial stance in order to supply attentive services with a principle of "Customers Come First"


OMIC was amongst the first in the industry to obtain ISO9002, the International Standard for Quality Management in 1994, as a means of maintaining the quality of its distinct services for our customers.
In 2008, OMIC gained further certification for the upgraded standard ISO9001 to continuously expedite efforts to improve our quality of operation. Furthermore, OMIC was accredited in 2007 with ISO/IEC17020, "the General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection." This indicated OMIC's readiness as an international inspection institution to serve our customers with our unique and advanced inspection system and services. Our analytical laboratories have also obtained ISO/IEC17025 to confirm OMIC's operational reliability.


Targeting all areas of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, foods, minerals, processing plants, machinery and all types of industrial products. Addressing a vast range of needs, through local expertise in "Inspection", "Testing and Analysis", "Consulting" and "Other Services".