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Contents of Inquiry Department in Charge TEL Online
Job recruitment General Affairs Department 03-3669-5181
Testing and Analysis for
Agri-business Marketing Department 03-3669-3783
Inspection for Minerals and Chemicals Mineral & Chemicals Department 03-3669-5185
Pre-Shipment Inspection for General Materials/
Materials concerning ODA/
Used Materials (exported to
Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand)
Engineering Inspection for
Machinery for Plants
Plant and Machinery Department 03-3669-5186
Research, Monitoring services and Technical
assistance for Offical
Development Assistance (ODA)
Consultants Department 03-3669-5187
Certification Business for Organic varieties of
Agricultural produce, Processed foods and Livestock feed. (JAS, NOP, EU)
Certification Business Department 03-3669-5184