Corporate Information

The OMIC Group network, armed with cutting edge inspection technology, rich experience and internationally recognized quality control systems, meets all customer needs with prompt and precise services.

OMIC Group NetworkOverseas Merchandise Inspection Co., Ltd. (OMIC) is a fully independent inspection company working to support the smooth flow of world trade and uphold the quality of a vast range of products.

OMIC maintains a fair and neutral stance at all times, supplying an impressive range of specialized services to scrutinize the quality, quantity and other key aspects of the merchandise being handled. The OMIC company name and logo have earned respect from customers around the world as a brand that supplies uncompromising quality and trust.

OMIC offers its customers a half-century of achievement and experience, cutting edge inspection technology nurtured through unrelenting R&D and an extensive global network. Maximizing the combination of these tangible assets, OMIC supplies scrupulous services that translate into genuine and lasting customer satisfaction.