Corporate History

1954 Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co., Ltd. (OMIC) established.
Bangkok Branch Office opened.
1956 Produce Dept. and Minerals & Chemicals Dept. started.
Osaka Branch Office (currently Kansai Branch Office) opened.
Vancouver Branch Office opened.
1957 Calcutta Branch Office opened.
1959 Portland Branch Office opened.
1960 Tokyo Laboratories started operations.
1964 Plant & Machinery Dept. started operations.
Agricultural & Consumer Products Dept. started operations.
1977 Consulting Dept. started operations.
1978 OMIC India established.
1984 OMIC International Co., Ltd. established. <WTO-PSI>
1986 OMIC Lanka (in Sri Lanka) established.
1989 OMIC Europe (in UK) established (closed in 2009.)
1990 OMIC Hong Kong established.
1992 OMIC TESCO (in Thailand) established.
1993 OMIC USA (in Oregon, USA) established. Portland Laboratory started operations.
Ho Chi Mihn Office opened.
1995 Melbourne Office (in Australia) opened.
OMIC Singapore (R&B, ASIA(S)) established.
OMIC Malaysia (R&B, ASIA(M)) established.
1996 OMIC Myanmar established.
1997 OMIC Korea -JV established.
1998 Sacramento Office (in California, USA) opened.
COPIT, Thailand joined OMIC as a Group Member.
1999 Dalian Office (in China) opened.
Bernard Heath & Associates (in Australia) (currently OMIC Australia Pty., Ltd.) started operations.
2000 Organic Certification Dept. (JAS Organic Certification) established.
2001 OMIC Uzbekistan Office opened.
OMIC Indonesia established.
2003 Offices in Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia became 100% OMIC owned.
2004 Ritchie & Bisset (Singapore) Dalian Office opened. (closed in 2008.)
Accredited as Agency of Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.
2005 Taipei Office (in Taiwan) established.
California Agri Inspection Co., Ltd.(in California, USA) established.
2006 Invested in FCC Control and Fumigation Joint Stock Company, privatized in Vietnam.
OM Inspection Co., Ltd. (in Bangladesh) established.
2007 Dalian OMIC, China (accredited by AQSIQ) established.
2009 Perth office (in Australia) opened.
OMIC (Cambodia) Ltd. (in Cambodia) established.
2018 Louisiana office (in USA) opened.