VANCOUVER PORTS (49° 17'N 126° 7'W)

Authority: Vancouver Port Authority, 1900-200 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC V6C 2P9 Tel: 604-665-9000 Fax: 604-665-9007

The Port of Vancouver is a safe, year-round all-weather, deep water port, with 276 kilometres of coastline under its navigational jurisdication. Virtually all 29 cargo and marine related terminals offer no draft restrictions, post-Panamax capacity, and on-dock trackage.

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Terminals (Revised on April 13, 2004)


1870 Harbour Road, North Vancouver, B.C. V7H 1A1.

Tel: 604-929-2365 Fax: 604-929-5329.

Contact: Malcolm McLaren, Managing Director

Building Berth: 120m side launching.

Floating Dry-dock: Length 50m, inside width 20m, 2,000 ton lifting capacity. There are two smaller dry-docks plus repair and lay berths.

Facilities: Building and repair facilities for tugs, barges, fishing vessels and ferries.

BALLANTYNE PIER (now part of Centerm)

655 Centennial Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1A2.

Owner: Vancouver Port Authority.

Contact: Harbour Master's Office Tel: 604-665-9086 Fax: 604-665-9099

Contractor for Cargo Services: BCR Marine - Casco Terminals Ltd.

Contractor for Cruise Ship Services: TSI - Terminal Systems Inc.

Commodities: General cargo, wood pulp, and cruise passengers

Berths: Two berths, with 10m least depth - east berth 364m, north berth 200m.

Facilities: A 19,600 sq.m. pulp storage terminal and seasonal cruise ship passenger terminal. On dock rail service, two mobile passenger gangways.


Foot of Penzance Drive, P.O. Box 82217, North Burnaby, B.C. V5C 5P7.

Owner: Vancouver Port Authority.

Contact: Mr. Rob H. Fitzgerald, Director Property Administration
Tel: 604-665-9208 Fax: 604-665-9223

Berths: Length 122m, width 9.1m wide, minimum depth 12m.

Facilities: 6ha land area; 19ha tidal water area.

CANADA PLACE (Cruise Ship Terminal)

999 Canada Place, Vancouver B.C.

Owner and Operator: Vancouver Port Authority.

Contact: Capt. W. Image, Tel: 604-605-9086 Fax: 604-665-9099

Contractor for Cruise Ship Services: Terminal Systems Inc.

Berths: East: Length 314m , North: Length 135m, West: Length 326m. Depth alongside 8.4m for all berths.

Facilities: Large passenger concourse, automated mobile gangways with sensors adjusting for the full tidal range, and a fully covered bus, taxi and automobile area. Conveyors and mobile cranes are used for baggage and stores handling.

CASCADIA TERMINAL (Formerly Alberta Wheat Pool)

Foot of Cassiar Street, Vancouver, B.C. Tel: 604-293-6211 Fax: 604-293-6219

Terminal Contact: Gerry Dickie, Terminal Manager

Owner: Agricore United / Cargill Ltd,

Suite 860 - 1095 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2M6.

Tel: 604-684-5161, Cell phone: 604-351-2427

Contact: David Kushnier , General Manager,

Commodities: Wheat, durum wheat, canola, barley, and by-products.

Berth No. 1: Length 274m, depth alongside 15.2m

All loading is done at Berth No. 1.

Equipment: 2 belts, 7 spouts with 3,200 tons per hour loading rate. Spout height above dock face normal max. 14.6m.

Storage: 280,000 tons

CENTERM (including Ballantyne Pier)

555 Centennial Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1A2

Tel: 604-255-5151 Fax: 604-662-8464.

Owner: Vancouver Port Authority

Contact: Cliff Stewart, Vice President Operations

Contractor for Services: Casco Terminals Limited, 1995 West First Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1A8 Tel: 604-255-5151 Fax: 604-251-3910.

Contact: Wayne Stoilen, Vice President

Commodities: Containerized cargo, forest products, breakbulk and general cargo

Berths: General Cargo - No.1: 107m long, 10.9m deep; No.2 and 4: 183m long, 12.2m deep; No.3: 179m long, 12.2m deep; Containers - No.5: 322m long, 12.2m deep; No.6: 322m long, 15.5m deep.

Equipment: Top and side-lifters; yard tractors and trailers for containers. 20-40 foot expandable heads; government-certified container scale. Side-handlers for empty containers, four-high stacking. Forklift trucks with various attachments, capacity ranging from 5,000 to 95,000 kilograms.

Container cranes: Four high-speed 40-ton gantries; No. 1 outreach 34.6m; No. 2 outreach 37.0m; No.3 and 4 outreach 42.7m, 45 tons post-Panamax each.

Storage: Covered area: 3 sheds, 30,000sq m: . Approximately 8,800 TEUs container storage.

Inventory system: Fully computerized yard and vessel planning, gate systems and cargo control; CAVES (Canadian Advanced Vessel Equipment System) and CACTIS (Canadian Cargo Terminal Information System); Full EDI capability.

Facilities: 65 acres (expanding to 72 acres) 10 incoming truck lanes; reefer facilities: 200 receptacles; 220/440v capability on-dock intermodal 3 tracks each 450m; total on-dock rail sidings of 4,850m. Service by CN Railway, CP Railway Co., BC Rail, and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe; Casco Terminals is ISO 9003 certified for handling wood pulp at Centerm and Ballantyne.

Future Development: Work is underway on terminal expansion which will add 7 acres to the facility by filling in the bight between Centerm and Ballantyne Terminal creating one large world class facility. Expected completion date - Fall 1999.

Purchase of an additional post-panamax ship to shore gantry crane. Arrival date 1999.


855 Centennial Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1A2;

Tel: 604-251-7161; Fax: 604-251-7911.

Owner: Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railway.

Operator: Cerescorp Inc.

Contact: Tom Eaton, Manager

Commodities: Steel, breakbulk, pulp, newsprint, and lumber.

Berths: Deep-sea berth length 200m, with mooring buoy, depth alongside 10m equipped with barge passover. Barge berth dock length 120m, depth alongside 6.5m plus a rail barge ramp.

Facilities: 2ha with 2800 sq.m. on-dock warehouse. On-dock rail service.


2 Roberts Bank, Delta, B.C. V4M 4G5

Operator: TSI Terminal Systems Inc.

Contractor for Services: Terminal Systems Inc.

Contact: Bruce Closter, Vice President & General Manager, Tel. 604-251-9217; Barrie Sime, Terminal Manager of Deltaport Operations, Tel. 604-215-5710.

Berths: Two container berths totalling 670m (2198 feet.) in length, depth alongside 15.8m. (52 feet).

Equipment: 4 Post-Panamax dock gantry cranes, capable of handling container ships 18 wide, up to 4 wide-span rail-mounted gantry cranes for the intermodal yard, rubber tired gantries, and a multiple trailer container haulage systems.

Facilities: 40h (100 acres) container terminal, storage for 13,000 TEU (stacked three high), 600 reefer points (420 available at opening), a large on-dock rail intermodal yard with four foot tracks capable of handling two maximum length double-stack container trains simultaneously (440 TEU’s per train). The intermodal yard is served directly by Canadian National Railway and CP Rail System. Advanced computer operating systems include full EDI capability, yard and ship planning and fully integrated containerized control. Deltaport will double the Port of Vancouver’s container capacity to more than 1.2 million TEU’s per year.


Berth No. 7 Lynnterm Terminal, Foot of Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, B.C.

Owner: Dow Chemical Canada Inc., 1545 Bay Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3M8

Tel: 604-986-4391 Fax: 604-688-2679

Contact: Mike J. Martel, Manager

Commodities: Caustic soda solution, ethylene dichloride and ethylene glycol

Berth: Lynnterm No. 7 length 200m, depth alongside 11.6m

Storage and loading rates: Caustic soda solution- 40,000 tons and loading at 1,200 tons/hr; ethylene dichloride- 30,000 tons and loading at 1000 tons/hr; ethylene glycol-17,000 tons and loading at 800 tons/hr.

Facilities: Dow Chemicals maintains a tank farm with full rail unloading facilities.


West of the Foot of Pemberton Street, North Vancouver, B.C.

Owner: Fibreco Exports Inc., 1209 McKeen Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 3H9

Tel: 604-980-6543

Contact: Grant Watkins, President

Commodity: Wood chips in bulk

Berth: Dock face 137m long, including mooring dolphins 265m, depth 11.5m

Equipment: Pneumatic articulated chip-finger loader, max. outreach 22m; loader retraction 12.8m

Storage: 100,000 BDU or 240,000 MT of wood chips

Loading rates: up to 1,200 short tons/hr. The terminal handles wood chip carriers up to 42,000 dwt.

Bulk Discharging Facility: capacity to accept bulk cargo from vessel equipped with gear to onshore conveying system.


2225 Ioco Road RR1, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 3C8 Tel: 604-469-8616 Fax: 604-469-8359

Owners: Imperial Oil Limited

Contact: Marine Dispatch Tel: 604-469-8362

Commodity: Petroleum products

Berths: Berths 1 and 3 combined length 165m, depth alongside 10.1m with mooring dolphins used for tankers up to 35,000 dwt. A total of 4 berths for barges and coastal tankers.

Bunkering of vessel can be accommodated when scheduled around product loadings.

Pacific Gateway Terminal West
(formerly James Richardson International, Pioneer Grain Terminal)

375 Low Level Road, North Vancouver, B.C.

Owner: James Richardson & Sons Ltd. Tel: 604-669-2520 Fax: 604-688-4598.

Contact: Phil Hulina, Reginal Manager.

Commodities: Canadian grain including wheat, canola, barley, rye, flax and grain by-products.

Berth: Length 180m (590ft), depth alongside 15.24m (49ft)

Equipment: Two Peco loaders 1,000 tons per hour.

Storage: 108,000 tons.


15 Mountain Highway, Foot of Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 2J9.

Owner: Vancouver Port Authority

Leasee: Western Stevedoring Company Ltd. Tel: 604-904-2800 Fax: 604-904-2801.

Contact: Frank Vick, Manager Terminal Operations

Commodities: Lumber, wood pulp, newsprint, containers, project and general cargo.

Berths: 4 berths totaling 916m length, depth alongside 15m

Equipment: Over 250 pieces of specialized equipment with capacities ranging from 2,500 kg to 42,000 kg to meet all cargo handling requirements. Custom built trailers and clamps for quality handling of forest products.

Storage: Four warehouses totalling 58,200 sq.m suitable for storage of forest products, general cargo and steel. The warehouses are serviced by rail trackage and have flush covered loading aprons for trucks and railcars.

Facilities: The dock is serviced by the Canadian National Railways with interchange with all major railways. There is approximately 7km of rail track with direct access to the warehouses and with direct transfer capability to the berth. Railcar shunting equipment is available on site. The dock is equipped to handle containers and outlets are available for reefers.


95 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 2B9

Operator: Vancouver Port Authority.

Western Stevedoring Company Ltd. Tel: 604-904-2800, Fax: 604-904-2801

Contact: Frank Vick, Manager Terminal Operations.

Commodity: Wood Pulp, lumber, plywood, steel containers, project and general cargo.

Berth: Three berths total length 600m, depth alongside 12m.

Equipment: Over 250 pieces of specialised equipment (as for Eastgate)

Storage: Three warehouses with 250,000 square feet undercover storage of plywood and other specialty products.. There is 63 acres of outside storage.

Facilities: The dock is serviced by CN with interchange to all major railways. Railcar shunting equipment is available on site. The dock is equipped to handle containers.


North Foot of Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Owner and Operator: Vancouver Port Authority

Contact: Harbour Master's Office Tel: 604-665-9086 Fax: 604-665-9099

Berth: Length 122m, dock face 22.5m wide and depth alongside 5m at LW

Facilities: Fresh water and telephone connections are available. Main Street Dock is primarily used as a lay berth for smaller ships. A 65 KT capacity barge ramp operated by Tymac Launch Services is adjacent to the dock.


1001 Low Level Road, North Vancouver, B.C.

Owner: Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd., P.O. Box 86367, North Vancouver, B.C.

V7L 4K6 . Tel: 604-985-7461 Fax: 604-985-8941

Contact: Tony Nardi, Vice President Marketing, Transportation

Commodities: Metallurgical and thermal coal, potash, specialty grains, chemical fertilizers, canola oil and phosphate rock (inbound).

Berth No. 1: (coal) length dockface 164m plus bollards on shore, draft alongside 15.2m can handle ships up to 150,000 dwt.

Berth No. 2: (potash and dry bulk) length 189m, plus bollards along shore, depth alongside 13.1m. The berth can load Panamax-size vessels of about 80,000 dwt.

Berth No. 3: (import phosphate rock ) length dock face 100m, between mooring bollards 250m, depth alongside 12.1m. The berth can handle vessels up to 50,000 dwt.


Berth No. 1 : Berth has two quadrant shiploaders 2,500 MT plus mechanical trimmers on both shiploaders, airdraft 19m, traveling stacker/reclaimer rated at 4000 MT per hour, one secondary reclaimer fed by mobile equipment rated at 1000 MT per hour

Berth No. 2: has two quadrant shiploaders rated 2,000 ton/hr each 3,500 tons/hr combined, airdraft 19m and a three car dumper for covered-bottom hopper cars; 108-car trains are moved by company-owned locomotives over continuous loop tracks on site.

Berth No. 3: has two receiving bridges each with hoppers. Geared vessels discharge into hoppers. Rated capacity of receiving bridge is 1,000 tons/hr each; hopper capacity is 50 tons each.

Storage: No. 1 Berth- 600,000 MT Coal; No. 2 Berth- covered storage for approximately 210,000 MT dry bulk; No. 3 Berth- two silos of 25,000 MT capacity each.

Additional Facilities: The terminal provides gangways at all berths. 19,000 MT of tank storage capacity for canola oil, plus eight tank car unloading stations (currently oil can be loaded on Berths 1 and 2).


100 Amherst Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7H 1S4.

Owner: CXY Chemicals Canada Limited

Tel: (604) 929-3441; Fax: (604) 929-7610.

Contact: Terry W. Litchfield, Manager Transportation Logistics; John Billham, Plant Manager

Tel: (604) 929-3441; Fax: (604)929-7610.

Commodities: Imports- bulk sea salt; Exports - caustic soda.

Berth: Length 152m (plus mooring floats 243m apart), depth alongside 10.66m

Equipment: Fixed hopper connecting to belting system; cargo handling by ship's gear; pipeline facility for liquid caustic discharging and loading.

Salt Storage: Three tanks of 11,000 tons each, plus surfaced pad of 27,000 tons capacity.


2701 Esplanade, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 3P4 Tel: 604-936-2102; Fax: 604-936-2951

Owner: Sultran Ltd., 2840 Bow Valley Square 2, 205-5th Avenue, S.W. Calgary, Alberta

T2P 2V7 Tel: 403-265-1486

Contact: Ken Catton, Vice President & General Manager.

Commodities: Sulphur, ethylene glycol, styrene monomer.

Berths: Berth 1 - (petro-chemical liquids and sulphur) length along dock face 237 m, draft alongside 12m. Berth 2 - (sulphur) length along dock face 293m , draft alongside 12m . Can handle ships up to Panamax (70,000dwt.)

Equipment: Berth 1 has a single pontoon-mounted travelling shiploader, plus liquid loading stations handling styrene and ethylene glycol. Berth 2 has a single quadrant shiploader. One dual-boom luffing/travelling stacker reclaimer for sulphur. Single railcar rotary dumper for up to 112 cars of sulphur. Liquid railcar storage trackage for 78 ethelyne glycol cars. . Liquid railcar storage trackage 78 cars for ethylene glycol. Unloading stations, 39 cars for ethelyne glycol, 8 cars for styrene monomer.

Storage: 220,000 tonnes sulphur in two windrow piles; 35,000 tonnes of ethylene glycol in four tanks; 11,200 tons styrene monomer in two tanks.

Loading rates: Sulphur - Shiploader No. 1 at 3,000 tonnes/hour, Shiploader No. 2 at 5,000 tonnes/hour. Ethylene glycol at 800 tonnes/hour, styrene monomer at 500 tonnes/hour.


Foot of Salsbury Drive, Vancouver, B.C.

Owner: Agricore United and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Suite 860 -1095 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2M6

Tel: 604-684-5161; Fax: 604-684-7106.

Contact: Jose Ayarra, Terminal Manager, Wes Taylor and Doug Jesson, Marketing..

Commodities: Wheat, barley, canola, feed peas, flax and rye

Berths: No. 1 Lay berth: 134m plus overhang, water depth 10.6m;

No. 2 Loading berth: 213m plus overhang, water depth 13.72m; No. 3 loading berth (Vanterm1): 244m, water depth 9.75m

Berth No.4: Length dock face 305m. Draft along side 10.2m. Travelling shiploader - 1x purse conveyor rated approximately 1,500 tonnes hours feeds ship loader crane. Crane's lateral movement along dock 165m, air draft of 23.5m (above zero tide) and out-reach of 30m.

Equipment: 7 spouts at each berth, distance between spouts 22m, spout airdraft (above zero tide) at Vanterm 1: 17m and at berths 1 and 2 varies from 18.2m to 20.7m

Loading rates: Berth 1: 2 belts each 400 tons/hr; Berth 2: 3 belts each 400 tons/hr; Vanterm 1: 2 belts, 350 tons/hr each.



9955 Barnett Highway, Burnaby, B.C. V3H 3E1.

Tel: 604-933-3000, Fax: 604-933-3071.

Owner: PetroCanada Inc.

Contact: Bill Allercott Facilities Supervisor Tel: 604-933-3150 ; Pat Shannon, Marine Dispatch Tel: 604-933-3026

Commodity: Petroleum products

Berths: West: Length 43m, with mooring /breasting dolphins to accommodate 50,000 dwt, depth per chart datum 12m; East: Length 40m, minimum depth 6m

Additional Information: There is a float east of the east product loading dock (approx.. 12m x 4m) with Vancouver Fireboat #3 and the "Petro-Guardian" spill response 6m seatruck are moored. Both east and west product loading docks have new operation buildings installed, hydraulic cranes installed and loading systems upgrade. There is presently no future development planned. There is permanent spill containment boom in the water at all times to accommodate all vessels at both docks and is deployed for all diesel and jet fuel loadings.


123 Rogers Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 3N2.

Tel: 604-253-1131 Fax: 604-253-2517.

Owner: BC Sugar

Contact: William W. Gier, Manager Purchasing

Commodities: Bulk sugar imports, also used as a lay berth

Berth: Length 130m, depth alongside 9.1m at LW.

Pacific Gateway Terminal East

801 Low Level Road, North Vancouver, B.C.

Owner: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, 2320-1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C.

V6E 2K3 Tel: 604-990-2551 Fax: 604-990-2579.

Contact: Flavio Campaner, General Manager. Bob Adamic, Operations Superintendent.

Commodities: Wheat, durum, canola, barley and grain by-products.

Berths: No. 1: Length 230m, depth alongside 15.5m; No. 2: Length 230m, depth alongside outshore 15.5m at LW

Equipment: Two belts loading rate 1,200 tons per hour each, five spouts at each berth, distance between spouts 30m, maximum spout height 15.2m above dock level

Storage: 240,000 tons of grain.



201 Kensington, Burnaby, B.C. V5B 4B2.

Tel: 604-257-0870, Fax: 604-257-0881.

Owner: Shell Canada

Contact: Daryll Deverteuil, Superintendent

Commodities: Petroleum products, styrene

Berths: Outer berth: 122m length, depth 8.9m. Inner berth: 94m length, depth 5.2m. Mooring dolphins 154m apart.


355 Willingdon, Burnaby, B.C.

Owner: Chevron Canada Ltd. Tel: 604-257-4063; Fax: 604-257-4093.

Contact: Charlene Mattewson

Commodity: Petroleum products

Berth: Length 85m with mooring buoys 216m apart, depth alongside 12.5m. The berth was completely rebuilt and modernized in 1995.


Suite 2700, 300 - 5th Avenue, S.W. Calgary, Alberta, T2P 5J2

Owner: Trans Mountain Pipe Line Company Ltd.

Contact: Keith Dunbar, Manager Oil Movements

Tel: 403-514-6635 Fax: 403-514-6468.

Commodities: Crude petroleum, petroleum products, jet fuel

Berth: Main dock face 91.4m long, 305m between extreme mooring dolphins, depth alongside 11m, vessels up to 250m in length acceptable.

Equipment: NPS 24 petroleum export line with two NPS 12 articulated loading arms; NPS 10 vapour line connection to scrubber for treatment of vapours emitted during loading with

NPS 10, 30m long hose; telescoping boom crane with extension to 18.4m. Direct connections to large storage tank farm and the trunk pipeline from Alberta. Jet fuel off-loading manifold includes two 6" x 150 lb. flanges with adaptors to 8 inch. A jet fuel pipeline connects to the Vancouver International Airport.

Flow rates: Loading at 2,900 to 4,000 cu m per hour; Unloading rates 1,375 - 4000 cu m per hour

Facilities: Tankers must be equipped with SBT, COW, IGS and capable of connection to vapour scrubbing system. Contact terminal for specific equipment requirements.


1155 Stewart Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 4H4 Tel: 604-254-4414 Fax: 604-254-3212.

Owner: Agricore United

Contact: Allister Graham, Terminal Manager; Bryan Caron, Operations Manager.

Commodities: Grain and grain products

Berths: West: Length 213m, depth alongside 11.7m; East: Length 213m, depth alongside 13.6m

Equipment: Two belts, loading rate 500 tons per hour per belt, 7 spouts each berth, distance between spouts 23m, spout airdraft (above zero tide) 17.8m.

Storage: 102,070 tons

Loading rate: 500 tons/hr per belt.


203 East Esplande, North Vancouver, B.C., V7L 1A1.

Owner: Vancouver Drydock Limited Partnership (part of Washington Marine Group).

Tel: 604-988-6361 Fax: 604-990-3290.

Contact: Bill Armstrong, Marketing Manager.

Services: Drydocking, ship repair, voyage repairs, and industrial engineering.

Panamax floating dock: Overall length 220m, inside width 45.8m, lifting capacity 36,000MT. Heavy machine shop (18,750 square feet) with two 40 tonne overhead cranes.

Layby Berth: Length 230m, Width 15m serviced with 85 M.T. crane.


50 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 2R2.

Owner: Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd Tel: 604-988-6361 Fax: 604-990-3290.

Contact: George Kowalski, Marketing Manager.

Services: Vessel construction, repair, conversion and maintenance of all types of vessels.

Berth: Side launch construction ability to 168m length, 30m beam, 50,000 dwt

Facilities: 3 outfitting quays, 18,750 sq.ft. heavy machinery shop and 1,000m on land trackage. Syncrolift All-Tide Marine Elevator with 1,500 tons lift capacity, length 90m, breadth 21.34m. Allows for 15 coastal vessels to be serviced simultaneously. Vancouver Shipyards also offers full ship repair services in Victoria, B.C. at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, vessels up to 100,000 dwt.


1995 West First Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1A8.

Tel: 604-985-3177; Fax: 604-980-7563, Email:

Owner: BCR Marine.

Contacts: David K. Arnott, VP Marketing and Business Development. Gerry Becker, Director of Operations.

Commodities: Mineral concentrates, liquids, methanol, pulp, paper, lumber, sulphur, potash, fertilizers, specialty agriproducts and other dry bulk commodities.

Berths: No.1 - depth 13.7m, No.2 and No.3 - depth 11.3, combined length 548m, No.4 and No.5 - depth 12.8m, combined length 396m.

Equipment: Berth 1: Concentrate rail car unloader and grab bucket ship unloader crane, storage warehouses, conveying systems, travelling shiploader; methanol receiving/storage/shipping system; stainless steel pipeline to accommodate spot liquids ex rail to vessel.

Berths 2 and 3: Breakbulk facility handling pulp, paper and lumber equipped with tractors and flatdeck trailers and lift-truck fleet servicing 30,000 sq.ft. covered storage on wide apron dock area

Berths 4 and 5: Dry bulk handling system equipped with a rotary rail car dumper and a bottom door rail car dumper, both covered and outdoor storage. Berth No. 4 has twin quadrant retractable Panamax shiploaders. Berth No. 5 has a single spout travelling shiploader which can be trimmer equipped. Loop tracks servicing new dry bulk handling/storage system and new dedicated agriproducts receiving, handling and shiploading system will be operational July 1999.

Storage: Site total approximately 1 million tons.

Facilities: Barge slip designed to accommodate railcar barges and ro-ro barges. Company-owned 500-railcar capacity switching yard equipped with diesel-electric locomotives.


1300 Stewart Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5L 4X5.

Operator: Terminal Systems Inc. Tel: 604-251-9200, Fax: 604-251-9214

Contact: Bruce R. Closter, Vice President & General Manager, Tel: (604) 251-9217.

Commodities: Containers, forest products, project cargo, bulk tallow, tall oil and general cargo.

Berths: Container vessels-two berths 286m long; one berth 228m long; Combo/conventional ships- one berth 183m long, one berth 91m; water depth 15.2-15.5m.

Equipment: 5 container cranes; 10 RTGs capable of stacking full containers one over 4 x 9'6" high, 7 wide; 7 toppicks (full container handlers); 9 sidepicks (empty container handlers); 29 yard tractors; 35 yard chassis; 30 lift trucks; one rail car pusher; truck scale. An underground pipeline from West Coast Reduction for loading bulk oils to deep tanks.

Container Cranes Outreach - Cranes No. 1, 2, 4 and 5: 42.67m, Crane No. 3: 37m.

Storage: Container Yard Capacity: 9,200 full TEUs, 3,000 empty TEUs.

Covered storage capacity: Shed No. 3- 11,613 sq.m.

Off-dock storage facilities: Terminal dock capacity 2,500 TEUs (empty), grain doors and liner bag installation, welding, cleaning.

Inventory System: Computerized container and cargo control system; on-line direct access to steamship line customers; computerized equipment interchange system, EDI capability; SPARCS ship planning system.


Gates: Ingate- 9 lanes with provisions for sorting full, empty, reefer, bulk runs and empty chassis; Outgate- 3 lanes including one lane for empty trucks; Pregate at main entrance houses TSI’s Customer Service Department, Canada Customs and Department of Agriculture.

Rail capacity: On-dock intermodal facilities, 5 tracks with a total length of 2,000m, capacity for two doublestack trains per day. Service to CN Railway, CP Railway, BC Rail and BN SF Railway.

Reefer points: 216 plugs at 230 volts, 72 plugs at 440 volts (European Community)

Annual Capacity: 340,000 TEUs.

Terminal operating hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

WEST COAST REDUCTION (via Vanterm Terminal)

105 North Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C. V5L 4V7.

Tel: 604-255-9301.

Contact: Rob Jones, Marketing Manager

Commodities: Inedible tallow, meat meal, feather meal, poultry meal, blood meal, fish meal, fish oil.

Facilities: 57,000 metric tonne liquid storage tank facility, handling various oils such as tallow, fish oil and canola oils. Access to two berths equipped with own underground piplelines for loading or unloading various oils.


1 Roberts Bank, Delta, B.C. V4M 4G5.

Tel: 604-946-4491; Fax:604- 946-1388


Owner: Westshore Terminals Income Fund

Operator: Westar Group on long-term contract

Contacts: John Hogg, Vice President & General Manager, and Denis Horgan, Vice President Administration & Marketing.

Commodities: Coal and coke

Berth No. 1: Dock face length 350m, depth alongside 22.9m. Ships up to 260,000 dwt have loaded at this berth. Equipped with a single travelling shiploader. Maximum chute reach from berth face- 37.4m with boom elevated 15o; longitudinal travel along wharf- 244.9m; vertical clearance under boom above HHWL at berth face-19.6m with boom elevated 15o.

Berth No.2: Dock face length 263m, depth alongside 20.8m. Mooring buoys at east and west ends. Ships up to 150,000 dwt can be loaded at this berth. Equipped with two quadrant shiploaders. Vertical clearance of boom above HHWL-18.3m with boom elevated 18o; vertical distance of bottom of trimmer above HHWL- 19m with boom elevated 18o; maximum boom reach from berth face- 34.9m with boom elevated 18o.

Equipment: Two loop tracks and two rotary rail car dumpers for unit trains, three stacker/reclaimers, extensive high-speed conveyor system throughout terminal.

Other: ISO-9002 certified

Major Projects: Conversion of twin rotary dumper to handle U.S. style coal cars.